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Well aside from realizing I can get a good two cups of tea from one tea bag, I also realized I will start summarizing my lectures and notes here!…It will for sure be beneficial for me because I am not a passive learner and whoever decides to come across my blog might find it helpful? Lol even if they don’t, it will be something I am starting as of now…ish. I think I’m just gonna add another tab called Medsrus…get it get it? like Toys.r.us? Well any who, name might change later but for now it shall do…in a day or so, there will be stuff added there 😀



An Invite

So I have a pretty good friend (A) who thinks that inviting someone is kind of a waste of time. She goes by the rule of word of mouth, which is fine but to me I think that is a bit lazy. It also leaves me hanging as to whether I should go or not go. She may have mentioned the event at some point months ago but that doesn’t really count as it was a plan and nothing official. Lastly, it doesn’t matter how close I am to the person (B) she invited, but it isn’t B’s duty to tell me about the event unless B was planning the event for A. Get me? I just think it’s weird when someone isn’t invited to something, yet it is assumed “that” someone would show up. :/ 

So I asked Siri what I can do because I was bored…well here is what happened…


Rude much…So those of you who don’t know what Pro Ana is, it stands for pro anorexia and is pretty much a community where people get together online to share tips on becoming anorexic. Yes I’ve been on there before but to get tips on healthy eating, not post any, but it is saddening to see how “young” some of the people are. We won’t know who is really on the other side of the screen but any who that is the conversation Siri and I had today…not happy with her because I try to stay off those sites and now she led me back there -_- 

So I think there are signs being sent from the universe and I take that as a positive thing. When I checked into my room, my room number was the same room number as my room in St. Kitts…Room 207. One of the ladies here in charge of the breakfast room is named Yulanda, and that is the name of the secretary in St. Kitts…weird? sorta, but creepy? I think not. I think its gonna be a good semester and I’m kinda still in search for a 3rd sign, 3rd times a charm or something right? lol  Now that I think about that, the first problem in my room in St. Kitts was a ball of dust that flew from my vent as I turned on the AC…here there was a ton of dust that covered the vent of the AC/heater…which needed to be cleaned. Shall I take this as a 3rd sign…well I’m gonna wait and see😌

Trip to Maine

Aghh so I’m officially in Maine and semi settled. I passed thru 3 states to get here…kinda cool I think lol and New Hampshire had only 7 exits 😳 Other than that, it was pretty uneventful considering I was traveling with my mother who was having some anxiety and had two coffees from two different service stops (she doesn’t even drink coffee).

So going back to the semi settled= semi unpacked is because I have to move the other building in a month or two due to renovations so figured it was best to stay somewhat packed and take out things as needed. Seems like a plan to me, but super tired considering the drive and not sleeping too well cause its a new place. Hopefully can get some sleep in tonight, now that I have nothing major to do. I think I found a good temperature in my room to work with atm and its in the 40s up here…today its chilly! especially cause there’s no sun to balance out things.  Read the rest of this entry »

I thought this was cool, interesting and reminiscing…hope you guys enjoy it lol

Fruits and vegetables and their ancestors – Business Insider

So this morning I had to put some coffee in my cereal…don’t judge (i can’t drink coffee straight up) because I was super tired…and I had to put more than normal, just because I couldn’t even taste it lol. Then I decided to really look at the jar, because it looked different than when I was taking the coffee out. It read coffee with roasted chicory and I was like never heard of this before, so had to do some snooping online.

Chicory is a plant with blue flowers that is part of the daisy and sunflower family but also a relative of the lettuce family (the article used the word cousin lol). Back in the day, way back when the Europeans had a shortage of coffee beans due to wars and blockades, they used chicory as a substitute. Chicory has a woody bittery taste to it and aside from caffeine, it seemed to have done the job. The Egyptians used the plant for its medicinal properties, such as for a liver detox, a sedative, or lowering cholesterol. Sounds good to me!


Now, yes, this means that you will be getting less coffee when buying a jar of coffee w/ chicory…but I’m gonna do it. The flavor to me was all worth it and less caffeine= woohoo. This has become my new flavored coffee!

Like when do you stop giving chances or saying today is the day? whether its to yourself or to something/ someone else… Well I think yesterday was the day that I was done being frustrated with the mother and the father…I am kinda giving myself therapy here or at least starting it lol.

I usually turn to food when I am emotionally unstable…aka any extreme emotion which the negative ones I attribute to the the mother and father’s actions/ words. I keep thinking I am over them/ their words but yesterday I realized I was not. I got a B in path 2 and I was ecstatic, as I made the news to my mother…(my responses in parentheses)

Mother-when did you find out (NOW),

Mother-what does that mean (i got a B),

Mother-what is the percentage (I got a B),

Mother-so does that mean you are ok (no response, just stared),

Mother-I was confused (did a B sound like an F or look like an F to you?),

Mother-I don’t remember (continued to stare).

All I really wanted from her was an OK  as that to me is MORE than enough. Read the rest of this entry »

So I am leaving St. Kitts in a week and a half-ish…super stoked and aside from my living arrangements, here are more things I will not be missing.

Restaurants–service is either slow or rude; tip is ALWAYS included in your bill regardless of the slow/ rude service; the attitude of most of the waiters/ waitresses/ cashiers; how expensive the inexpensive dishes in the states are here (confusing enough for you? 🙂 ); currency exchange rate is more expensive when paying in US

Grocery stores–have bare minimum of what you need, what you want=not really there; overpriced for most US brands so you go for the local brands= if you are lucky there are no bugs in them; also lucky if your groceries don’t expire the next day; not open late

Weather–the same year round=hot, humid, rain whenever it feels like it; how it ruined my nail paints 

People–locals that stare at you, locals that hit on you, locals with their attitudes; tourists like to stare at you and then there is everyone else aka students= back stabbers and the non backstabbers 

Island time–nothing happens when you want it to 

Bugs and Creatures–i feel like this doesn’t need any explanation

Traveling–time, money, safety

NO sephora–say what?… exactly what i said

Things I appreciated………………………………………………………………………………………..  Read the rest of this entry »